Berlin Music Video Awards: Light Show Graphics

May, 2015: Contributed original graphics to installation artist Stephen Bontly's custom light show for the DJ/producer Lunakid.  The light show was designed for a show at the Berlin Music Video Awards, concluding the second day of the event.   The original images below (among others) were sampled and rearranged for the live show. 




Deniz Kurtel Presents: The Introspectacular

May, 2015: Designed and circulated the official flyer for artist Deniz Kurtel's interactive LED light installation, the Introspectacular , on the Berlin leg of its tour around Europe. 



Zerstört: Original Artwork

April, 2015: Now a luxury condo, the Neu West Building once served as a home for squatters and artists in central Berlin.  In the years after the fall of the Berlin wall and preceding most of Berlin's startup boom,  the abandoned building hosted many experimental art exhibits, avant-garde dance performances and eclectic techno nights.  I contributed a few surreal art pieces to two of the space's final events, both appropriately named "Zerstört" (German for destroyed) before all of the artists left for zanier pastures and a more upper-middle-class clientele moved in.  Given the hedonistic nature of these 'exhibitions,' I tried in my own work to highlight the theme of destruction – symbolizing the end of the building's squatter culture, and, quite possibly, also the behavior of some of the event's more exuberant and existentially-minded attendees. 


My work (above)  Views from the Event (below)


Delabananas: Web Visuals and Original Characters

February, 2015: Created concept art and designed original characters for the projects of web designer Ian Warburton. 



Noize Freqz: Light Show Graphics for Psylab Records Launch Party

February, 2015: Designed original graphics for the main stage light show of Psy Lab, a Psy-Trance inspired music and art event.   The light show and the very stage itself was designed, built and animated by installation artist Stephen Bontly. The project was done at the request of Noize Freqz, a Berlin-based event promotions company supporting independent record labels.  




Book Illustrations: It's Your Mind - Own It! 

June-August, 2014: Illustrated the acclaimed book on teenage development written by experts Nicole Jon Sievers and Norene Gonsiewski  


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The Siljan Diary: Illustrations

April, 2013: Work designed to accompany the blogs of marathon swimmer Dave Van Mouwerik. Showed how Dave's perception of Lake Siljan as a Nordic monster framed his mindset while swimming across it.  

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Upstream Ideas: Logo Design

August, 2013: Designed the logo, layouts and visuals for Upstream Ideas, a blog that analyzes current events.

Wilson High School: Sophomore Class T-Shirt

Back in 2007, I won my high school's class of 2009 T-shirt design contest by fusing some popular album art with school colors.