Technology: Dataconomy & Data Natives

Founded in Berlin, Dataconomy is an online portal for news, events and expert opinion within the worlds of Data Science, IoT, Machine Learning and AI. As the editor at Dataconomy, I was commissioned to write, curate and promote articles for the platform.  I also interviewed keynote speakers and served as a moderator during the three-day Data Natives Conference in Berlin in November, 2017. 

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Travel & Lifestyle: Savoteur

I conducted interviews, wrote articles, and contributed to content strategy at Savoteur – a travel publication focused on food, drinks, and fun activities in major cities and attractive vacation spots.  I spent most of my time working on their Berlin Edition, where I served as chief writer and assistant editor from January 2016 to June 2017.   

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Sample Articles:

Women of Berlin


Culture: Delphi Reclaimed

Delphi Reclaimed is an online publication focused on designs, ideas and people inspired by Hellenic heritage.  I contributed an article to their site centered on a Greek myth for modern times.  

Article: The 20th Century Spartan

Geopolitics: The European (2014-2015)

  Though now belonging to different owners with a different mentality, back in 2014 The European Magazine was a publication that sought to offer an array different points of view on a wide rage of political and social issues facing the European continent.  I was proud to have a column on the English section of their website.   

Column: Top Culture


Blogging & Think Pieces: Upstream Ideas

Upon finishing college in 2013, I wanted to improve my skills when it came to writing polemics.  For that reason, I began to write, edit and aggregate articles for Upstream Ideas, a I blog co-created with my former college roommate, Sam Irvine.  I also, of course, created the logo.

Upstream Ideas (our vision)